Stop by Stop Blackpool Tramway: North Pier

We come to the end of our first section of a journey north on the Blackpool Tramway today as “Stop by Stop” reaches North Pier.

After we leave Tower and head north we soon come to the North Pier passing loop, often used for Heritage Tram Tours but also occasionally used by the modern trams. If you are on board a core service tram you are likely to head straight through what is in effect the centre track here and will see on the right the southbound platform as the two platforms here are very staggered with you barely able to see one from the other! Just to the north of the stop there is a crossover used by trams turning here before you eventually reach the northbound stop which is adjacent to the Cenotaph and just in front of the Metropole Hotel. Although the two platforms are not close to each other they still have the usual additions you would expect with shelters (southbound with the extra protection at the front too), seats and information panels.

This is the northbound platform by the Cenotaph on 26th September 2020.

001 has stopped at the southbound stop here. This view shows the three track layout at this location. Date is 25th September 2020.

On 25th September 2020 013 arrives at the northbound stop with this view helping to show the raised platform level from the other side. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior)

* Stop by Stop will continue next week as we return to Nottingham Express Transit for part two of that series.

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