In Pictures: Trackworks return to Starr Gate as trams reach Fleetwood Ferry again

Now into their second month the trackworks on the Blackpool Tramway are now seemingly coming towards a conclusion with trams now able to run all the way through to Fleetwood Ferry although the southern end has now seen a temporary return to Harrow Place serving as the terminus as the welding gang have returned to Starr Gate.

Services were advertised as returning to Fleetwood Ferry on Saturday 13th March although reports from that day suggest that they were still running from Starr Gate to Fisherman’s Walk (Ash Street). The Blackpool Transport website had been updated a few days earlier to say they would run to the Ferry from that day and was not changed so its not known for certain when trams managed to reach the far end of the tramway again.

What seem to be the only remaining works on the tramway now are at Starr Gate and hopefully they will be completed over the next few days – there is no update as to when the tramway may fully open again for the first time since Saturday 13th February.

Work underway on the curve leading to the Starr Gate terminus. The exit from the depot is on the left.

A closer view of the work on the curve.

005 has terminated at Harrow Place and now uses the crossover to regain the correct track before reversing and returning north. Note that the destination display states it was going to Starr Gate.

005 now waits to head back to Harrow Place and start its next northbound journey.

The destinations for trams as they were on 15th March – Fletwood Ferry and Harrow place. 003 and 014 are at Pleasure Beach.

Its not always easy to type the temporary destinations into the display! 005 is off to Harrow placen with 012 going north to Fleetwood Ferry. (All Photographs by Tony Armitage, 15th March 2021)

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3 Responses to In Pictures: Trackworks return to Starr Gate as trams reach Fleetwood Ferry again

  1. says:

    Thanks, Gareth, from several passenger reports backed up by photos on Facebook I have concluded that trams did indeed only run to Fisherman’s Walk on 13th March and were extended to Fleetwood Ferry during the course of Monday 15th March (initially not all of them). Does anyone have a date when Harrow Place to Starr Gate reopened after its second closure on Saturday 13rh March please as that seems to have escaped documentation? Thanks – Paul Stewart.

    • John1 says:

      It opened and closed intermittently around the works and weather! Trams were advertised as Harrow Place but ran to Starr Gate on some days.

      • says:

        Thanks, to answer my own question a recent email reply from Blackpool Transport stated that it reopened for the second time on Thursday 25th March (when the complete route was operational again). Paul.

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