Another Olympic test timetable for the DLR

As the Docklands Light Railway continues their preparations for this summer’s Olympic and Paralympic Games they will be operating another modified service on Saturday 24th
March. As has been reported before these modified services have been developed to focus on Games venues and spectator demand and need testing before the event to ensure they work in practice.

The following service will be in operation on Saturday 24th March:


Bank-Lewisham: every 10 minutes 0530-0030

Bank-Beckton: every 10 minutes 0530-0030

Bank-Prince Regent: every 10 minutes 0800-0030

Tower Gateway-Prince Regent: every 10 minutes 0530-0030

Stratford-Canary Wharf: every 10 minutes 0530-0800

Stratford-Greenwich: every 5 minutes 0800-2300, every 10 minutes 2300-0030

Stratford International-Woolwich Arsenal: every 10 minutes 0530-0800, every 5 minutes


As a result of this revised service some passengers may find they have to change trains to reach their required destination.

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