Metrolink Control Room moves to Trafford

A major step in the expansion of the Manchester Metrolink has been reached with the control room moving from Queen’s Road to a new facility at Trafford depot. This means that all the main operational functions of the network are now located in place including not only the Network Management Centre (or the control room to mere mortals!) but also the Customer Services team.

The move of the control room is an integral part of the continuing expansion of the Metrolink network and will provide a stable foundation for the next phase of expansion over the next few years. It provides operational benefits that are key to the management of the network including greater visibility of the system both in terms of where the trams are and CCTV at stops. Whilst the control room remained at Queen’s Road the network was unable to expand any further but its move now means extensions can easily be incorporated within the new facility with the South Manchester Line to East Didsbury likely to be the next to open.

Chris Coleman, Managing Director of RATP Dev UK, said: “The switchover to the new control room was a huge undertaking but proved to be a successful project delivered in partnership between us, contractors MPT and Thales and Transport for Greater Manchester. In the lead up to the move, rigorous testing of the system was carried out by staff between the end of service and the first tram the next day which ensured a seamless move over to the new centre of operations. As we look to continue with the ambitious expansion programme, it was imperative we had a stable platform from which to build upon our service to customers. With improved technology for our control room and customer services staff, we hope to achieve this.”

Cllr Andrew Fender, Chair of the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee, said: “This was no mean feat and the fact that the teams involved have been able to effectively move the entire nerve centre of the network from north Manchester to Trafford without having any impact on services is testament to the efforts of everyone involved. It’s a major step forward and crucial for managing a network that, in coming years, will be three times the size of the original. My congratulations go to the officers at TfGM and MRDL for delivering such a seamless transition.”

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