In Pictures: Blackpool Wilko’s demolition update

In this the latest of our weekly updates on the demolition of Wilko’s in Blackpool (you know the one which was in the way of the completion of the Blackpool North Railway Station tramway extension) we again take a look to see what progress has been made in the past week. As with last week progress continues to slow with only a limited amount of the remaining structure having been removed during the past seven days or so. Work is due to b completed on the demolition by the end of the year before attention can be turned to the creation side of the project. Tony Armitage provides the below photos.

The side-on view of the site. When you compare this to last week’s shot only a little of the building has come down over the past seven days.

Another close-up view of the remaining part of the building.

Looking into the site from Talbot Road where one day trams will run shows a mainly clear worksite save for the rubble and last remaining section in the distance. (All Photographs by Tony Armitage, 21st November 2020)

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