Metrolink Service Performance Update

The latest statistics on how Manchester Metrolink has been performing recently have now been released on the TfGM Committee website. These statistics give details on the performance of the service, any major incidents, trams out of service and the number of complaints which have been received during periods 9, 10 and 11 (Monday 10 December 2012 to Sunday 3 March 2013).


Performance as measured by Operated Mileage was 99.27% in period 9 before rising to 99.50% in period 10 and then falling again to 98.86% in period 11. The majority of lost miles during these periods was driver incidents (22%) with vehicle reliability (21%) and service disruptions (21%) also being key components this time around.

Major Incidents

21 December 2012: 3032 derailed at 1702 on points 1 at Market Street. Services returned to normal from 2322.

23 December 2012: A car drove on the tracks between Oldham Mumps and Derker at 1635 causing services to be suspended between these two stops. Normal services resumed at 1702.

29 December 2012: A signal fault in the single line section of track at Newton Heath Moston caused services to be suspended between Shaw and Crompton and Victoria. Normal services resumed at 1555.

9 January 2013: Ice on the overhead line caused delays from the start of service on the Shaw and Crompton line. Icebreaker trams had not been operated overnight as the bespoke weather service gave no indication temperatures would drop below zero. Services resumed from 0733.

14 January 2013: A car drove onto the inbound track at Oldham Mumps/Hudderfield Road Junction blocking both tracks at 1722. Services resumed at 1805.

23 January 2013: A tram failed at Deansgate-Castlefield at 1655. Services were altered until 1745 when normal operations resumed.

25 January 2013: Services were suspended between Shaw and Crompton and Victoria from 2038 because of the buildup of snow on the points at Newton Heath Moston. All trams were moved into a stop but no replacement transport could be run as the buses had also stopped operating. Services started to resume at 2319 at reduced speeds.

28 January 2013: A tram failed at Shaw and Crompton at 1345 causing services on the line to be suspended. Services resumed as far as Derker from 1356 and then through to Shaw and Crompton at 1445 once the errant vehicle had been moved.

5 February 2013: The points failed at Newton Heath and Moston again with the blame being put on the snowy weather. Services resumed from 0756.

6 February 2013: 3013 was involved in a collision with a HGV at Weaste blocking Eccles New Road at 1156. The tram was moved at 1445 and services resumed to Eccles at 1610.

6 February 2013: A driver reported he had hit someone at Failsworth at 2236 causing the Shaw and Crompton line to be suspended. It was confirmed the tram had hit a 84 year old lady who was pronounced dead. No trams ran for the rest of the day whilst an investigation was undertaken.

8 February 2013: A suspect package was found in the Piccadilly Gardens area causing trams through the area to be suspended at 0915. Trams returned to normal from 1100.

8 February 2013: A utilities power failure at Sale affected track circuits and signaling from Cornbrook to Timperley. The power was returned from 1641 but problems were countered with the Irk Valley Junction which had to be re-set with trams cautioned through the Junction until 1746.

19 February 2013: Delays from the start of service on the Shaw and Crompton line due to ice on the overhead. The icebreaker trams had only been able to run as far as Oldham Mumps as there was a lack of drivers trained on the route beyond there. Services resumed at 0757.

21 February 2013: Services were terminated at Timperley on the Altrincham line after a Network Rail track circuit failure at 1352. Every other tram was able to run to Altrincham from 1430 after a temporary manual solution and then from 1720 normal operations resumed.

22 February 2013: Signaling faults were experienced between Deansgate-Castlefield and Trafford Bar from 1525 after an United Utilities power outage. No trams ran on the Altrincham, St Werburgh’s Road and MediaCityUK lines. Services resumed from 1634.

24 February 2013: The Irk Valley Junction failed at 1715. No services were able to run onto the Shaw and Crompton line as the points were locked to the Bury line. The fault was repaired and services resumed at 2050.

28 February 2013: The single line section at Newton Heath and Moston failed at 1810 causing the Rochdale line (on its first day) to be suspended. The issue was solved by 2010 when normal services resumed.

1 March 2013: Irk Valley Junction failed again at 2340. Rochdale services were suspended and trams only ran from Bury to Crumpsall. The junction was repaired at 0020 and services resumed.

Trams Out of Service

3013 was taken out of service following its collision at Weaste on 6 February and remains so today. The report says it has already returned to Vienna for repairs although this is believed to be incorrect.


2476 complaints were received during the three periods with the majority of these in period 11 (1526). Most of the complaints were because of service disruptions (56%). 28 commendations have also been received over the periods.


Patronage including estimated concessions in February was 2.0 million – 134,000 below budget but 202,000 ahead of February 2012. The Oldham Rochdale line contributed 125,000 to the year on year growth and the East Manchester line 33,000.

* The full report can be downloaded from the TfGM Committees website at

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1 Response to Metrolink Service Performance Update

  1. Mike Norris says:

    What a poor state of affairs, this shows the system to be in !
    Stopped using the Bury tram because have twice suffered delay due to
    Irk Valley Junction turnout ( or points in the old money) They only get
    mentioned twice in this report, but there have been Four (4) instances
    in this period. We are supposed to have a system improved once the T68/T68a’ were replaced according to ML – but its just not the case ( but Metrolink wont admit it ) How does the travelling public continue to put up
    with a system whereby during delays, your ticket is valid on the buses !
    What 33 bus can carry a tram load to Eccles, and what bus to Bury can
    do this – but ML still continue to simply move passengers off the tram
    (seems there only concern) and get a bus !
    It need sorting and quickly

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