So Nearly, Not Quite! Blackpool Balloon 713

We’ve seen stray pedestrians getting in the way of photos but this time its something all together bigger – a car that gets in the way of this shot of Blackpool Balloon 713.

The one big risk of trying to take photos of trams in a modern UK street is that there may just be another road vehicle that comes along at just the wrong moment and that is exactly what happened on 2nd September 2008 in this shot taken close to the Victoria Street stop in Fleetwood. With Balloon 713 about to disgorge the bulk of its passengers who will be wanting to head for their bargains at Fleetwood Market it has turned the corner through Albert Square and the scene is set to capture this image. And then just at the wrong moment here comes a car heading on by! Ah, never mind, better luck next time!

Photograph by Gareth Prior

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