FTT launch easy way to donate as progress continues on 279’s restoration

Its not just operating systems across the country who are looking for extra funding streams during these times. Many heritage organisations are also in the same position as any events they may have planned, which would help them to gain funding for their all important projects, have been cancelled. One organisation is the Fylde Transport Trust who have just launched a quick and easy way by donating to their projects – all through a simple text message!

The Fylde Transport Trust are managing to still continue to complete limited work on the restoration of Railcoach 279 as it is located in the Catch 22 Bus premises and in between the buses being sent out for their days operation the tram is being attended to.

Recent progress has seen mouldings fitted whilst inside the vehicle the lighting panels and lamp holders have been screwed into place. The latest photographs (on the Fylde Transport Trust Facebook page) also show that the panels beneath the roof windows inside the tram await refitting as the main cable that runs between the two cab circuit breakers is still to be fitted.

To help the FTT with their restoration projects you can now easily donate £10 by just sending a text message with different ways to donate to tram and bus projects, so you know exactly where your money will be going!

To donate £10 you just have to text TRAMS to 70085 if you wish to support tram restorations or BUSES to 70085 for bus projects. The text will cost £10 plus your standard rate message. The service is provided through Donr who take a 5% fee per donation but the remainder of the money will go directly to the FTT.

Fylde Transport Trust trustee, James Millington, said: “Donr opens up a great option for the Trust as we engage with new and existing supporters. The platform allows supporters to give up to £20 by text, the donations are confidential and no paperwork or bank details are required. We hope this will boost donations resulting in the delivery of more bus and tram projects”.

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