So Nearly, Not Quite! Blackpool Balloon 703

Today we take another look at a photo which despite our best efforts didn’t quite turn out as we had hoped! The intended subject this time is Blackpool Balloon 703.

The photos in this series will come under many different categories and this one comes in the “well, I thought I’d be able to get the tram in that frame!”. On a wet day in Blackpool and there are actually very few places you can keep dry whilst still taking photos but on 5th September 2008 I thought I’d hit a good location at Gynn Square with the possibility of framing oncoming trams through the arch of Jubilee Gardens. 703 is in the 1980s Green and Cream livery complete with adverts for Builders Supplies (West Coast Ltd) and is working a service to Starr Gate in this attempted photo.

On reflection maybe it would have been better to have taken the shot before the tram got that far as there seems to be a gap further north on the line but it was too late by the time the shutter was pressed for that with the tram not fitting between the arch anyway and a bush getting in way too! Ah, never mind, better luck next time!

Photograph by Gareth Prior

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