2020 did begin at Crich before suspension

We’ve reported in depth on the closures and suspensions as a result of Coronavirus but before they started to be announced the Crich Tramway Village did start operating for 2020 on Saturday 14th March but this article kept getting put off with everything that was going on but for the record we bring you details of how the service did start this year.

Saturday 14th March gave visitors the chanceto get their first taste of the newly track between the Bandstand and the single line token post towards Wakebridge which had been relaid as the major winter outside works project. Three trams were in service on this day with Leeds 180 taking the honour of the first departure of the day. Also in action were fellow Leeds car, 399, and Glasgow 22 giving three traditional looking double deckers for those who decide to visit the museum on the first day of operating in 2020.

Whilst the museum was then open for just another five days before closure other trams to run so far in 2020 have been Blackpool Standard 40, Oporto 273 and Leeds 345 with 22, 180 and 399 also seing further use.

Crich is currently closed until at least 22nd May but once things are able to start opening again the 2020 season is due to continue until Sunday 1st November.

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