Still standing! Tram rosettes in Horwich

Some of the remnants of first generation tramways are more difficult to spot than others but probably the most common remains can be seen on the side of various buildings around the UK with the rosettes which the overhead span wires used to connected to. One such location is in Horwich.

To see tram rosettes or even just basic connections on long-standing buildings can be quite some feat with it not always obvious that they may be there and even if there is something on the building just what was it used for?! But there are plenty around the country and this old cinema in Horwich is one such building where they are still in situ. Trams from Bolton Corporation used to run past this building until October 1946 when the line was closed a few months before the entire system became part of history.

If you look to the upper floor of this building you can see the former connections where the overhead span wire used to be connected. (Photograph by David Jones)

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