NEETT plan for the future

They may be newcomers to the tram preservation scene, but the North Eastern Electrical Traction Trust are certainly keen to make up for lost time, with plenty of plans for the future of its growing vehicle collection. Recently the group announced that work would soon commence on a new storage building in which to house its trams, and now the Trust are looking not only to provide a secure future for the vehicles already in their care, but for more besides!

The new depot, which is expected to be completed this year, will provide covered accomodation for about twelve vehicles – more than NETT currently own, which opens up the possibility of more acquisitions in the near future. With this in mind, the Trust have been involved in some discussion with the Tramway Museum Society. They had expressed particular interest in taking on the remains of a North Metropolitan horse car currently stored at Clay Cross, and recently declared surplus to requirements. However, the TMS have decided that instead, they would prefer to retain the car in dismantled form, so that it could form the basis of a future restoration project if required. Whilst this outcome may not have been what the Trust were hoping for, it is encouraging that they are engaging in such active discussion with more established societies, and hopefully this will continue.

A recent offer was also made by NEETT to the Lancastrian Transport Trust to provide storage for some of its trams, which would remain the property of the LTT. With most of the LTT fleet now in outside storage, including Coronation car 304 following its return from Beamish, this could have given sanctuary to a few of these trams, but so far, the LTT have so far failed to respond to this generous offer of help. NEETT have clearly shown willingness to assist other groups to do what is best for their trams, and this co-operative spirit will hopefully serve them well in the future.

Meanwhile, plans are currently being formulated for the future of the group’s collection of Blackpool trams. Proposals have already been revealed for Centenary car 647 and Balloon 721 to be repainted for display, and now thoughts are turning to Twin Set 674+684. As the only one of NEETT’s trams which have not benefitted from any external funding as yet, the group are keen to hear from any individuals or organisations who may be interested in sponsoring the Twin car and contributing towards its preservation. 674+684 currently retain their attractive dark purple and yellow Metro Coastlines livery applied in 2003, but are expected to regain green and cream – probably in the 1990s style with a green roof and skirt – when workshop capacity and funding permits. This would certainly be a very worthy cause as, apart from 272+T2 which have been retained in Blackpool, no Twin car has yet received any attention and so this could potentially give the North East group a unique exhibit.

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4 Responses to NEETT plan for the future

  1. Ken walker says:

    IF the LTT don’t bother to respond to this very generous offer this will show beyond doubt how arrogant and out of touch they are. Pity that it’s the trams that will suffer.

    • Gareth Prior says:

      Although to be fair to the LTT it probably isn’t as clear cut as a reply saying yes please as they will have to find the cash to hire the low loaders and transport the trams across the country, which will not be cheap.

      • Ken Walker says:

        I accept that there could be any number of reasons why they would have to decline the offer, but my point was referring to the suggestion that they haven’t even replied.
        The case for moving 304 might have been easier if it had still been at Beamish!

  2. bob riley says:

    the LTT must take advantage of NEETT’s offer of undercover accomodation for some of its trams. They will rot quickly in outside storage.

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