In Preview: Blackpool Winter Gold, 18th & 19th January 2020

The new year may be but a few weeks old but it is already time for the first main event in Blackpool with January’s Winter Gold event taking place on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th January. With a newly revised timetable and 13 weather and time of year appropriate trams due to run it looks set to be the best chance so far this year to get your Blackpool tram fix!

The new timetable

For the next three Gold weekends (18th/19th January, 15th/16th February, 14th/15th March) a new timetable will operate for the heritage trams. This will see hourly Coastal Tours running all the way to Fleetwood as we’ve become used to plus an hourly tour to Cleveleys along with Promenade Tours running every 15 minutes. The tram allocated as C will not run to Fleetwood but “E” will run twice during the day.

The majority of journeys will go to and from Starr Gate (except for some at the start and end of the day) – hopefully the new timetable will avoid the problems in November when the new core service caused delays. The Shop Tram evening journey is also on the published timetable taking this away only being there if you knew it may happen.

The full timetable can be viewed on the Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours website.

The trams

As usual six trams plus a Shop Tram are rostered for use on each day. The usual availability caveats are in place and there may be late changes based on the availability of the trams.

Saturday 18th January

A – Brush 621

B – Balloon 700

C – Balloon 713

D – Centenary 642

E – Railcoach 680

F – Balloon 723

Shop at Tower and North Pier – Balloon 711

Sunday 19th January

A – Balloon 701

B – Brush 631

C – Balloon 718

D – Standard 147

E – Centenary 648

F – Balloon 715

Shop at Tower and North Pier – Balloon 711

The fares

The revised standard Heritage Tram Tour fares are in place for the weekend. This includes the Heritage Day Travelcard at £12 (purchased on board any tram or bus and giving full coverage on all Blackpool Transport services) for adults and £6 for children. A family version (2 adults, 2 children) is £28. It is also possible to buy a discounted 3 day Travelcard on the Blackpool Transport App for £30 (£15 for children). Full fares details are available on the Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours website.

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