Livery changes on Metrolink

There have been some more livery changes on Manchester Metrolink with adverts being removed whilst a new advert has also appeared. The tram receiving an advert is 3076 whilst 3047, 3073, 3081, 3093 and 3100 can all now been confirmed as being back in fleet livery.

With 3047, 3093 and 3100 now being confirmed as returning to fleet livery it means all five of the trams which carried adverts for Vodafone have now lost their vinyls whilst 3073 was advertising Clarks shoes and 3081 had been in an advert for IKEA.

On the addition side 3076 is now in a bright red advert for J J Whitley Vodka. The standard arrangement applies on this advert with the ends remaining in fleet livery and the remainder of the tram covered in vinyls. Whilst some adverts this year may have been a little dull there is no accusing this one of that as it is a very vivid red!

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