In Preview: Wirral Bus & Tram Show

A busy three weeks of tram events come to an end on Sunday 6th October with the annual Wirral Bus and Tram Show taking place in Birkenhead – with five trams due to be in service during the day, including a special service between Pacific Road yard and Woodside Ferry.

This will be the first time that five trams will be in service at the same time during the event (previous events have seen more trams but there have been tram swaps to achieve this) and this is made possible by an extra special service running from the yard at Pacific Road (not often used by trams, let alone with passengers on board!) through to Woodside Ferry and back. This special service will be operated by Birkenhead 20 which will be running roughly every 40 minutes 1320 and 1600 with day tickets valid or return tickets of £1. Because of time restrictions you won’t be able to alight from the tram at Woodside Ferry with the tram setting off back to Pacific Road shortly after arrival.

The other four trams will be in service between 0950 and 1630 running every 10 minutes and because of doubts over the weather (aren’t there always!) two separate plans have been announced for which trams may be in use.

The good weather plan will see Birkenhead 69, Liverpool 245, Wallasey 78 and Liverpool 762 in service with Lisbon 730 on display at Taylor Street stub and Birkenhead 20 in Pacific Road Yard. In the event that the weather isn’t as good the operational trams will be Lisbon 730, Birkenhead 69, Wallasey 78 and Birkenhead 70. Static displays in bad weather will be Liverpool 245 at Taylor Street stub and Liverpool 762 in Pacific Road Yard. All trams will appear subject to availability.

As the name of the event suggests it isn’t just about the trams either with Shore Road/Cheshire Lines building having a large display of restored and new buses whilst as 12 Quays College there will be a display of classic cars, motorcycles and military vehicles. And there will also be sales stands in Taylor Street Depot where you will also be able to see the latest progress on the restoration of Warrington 28.

The event takes place on Sunday 6th October between 1000 and 1600 with the trams due to run between 0950 and 1630.

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