In Pictures: Edinburgh Trams 275 scores a try with new Scottish Rugby advert

The EE 5G advert on Edinburgh Trams 275 hasn’t lasted long with a new design having already been applied on the tram. This time around it is for Scottish Rugby with the very familiar layout of, yes you’ve guessed it!, full height adverts on sections three and five of the tram and then above window ads on the remaining sections.

With its own tramstop at Murrayfield Stadium – the home ground of Scottish Rugby of course – it seems appropriate that a tram advertises Scottish Rugby especially as they make a big thing of the tram being the easiest way to get there on match days.

275 at West End Princes Street on 29th July with its simple advert for Scottish Rugby now applied.

A close-up view of one of the central adverts showing off Scotland’s new rugby shirts – the blue home kit and the, ummm, blue change strip! (Photographs x2 by Roy Calderwood)

One final look at the new advert on the tram with focus on the two full height adverts. (Photograph by John Hampton)

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