In Pictures: The new look Glory Mine

We’ve already taken a brief look at the new look Glory Mine terminus at Crich and in this pictorial we take a more detailed view of the slightly revised layout including the old siding still in situ although unconnected. Photos from Peter Narramore.

We start at the very end which is a very good place to start, as Julie Andrews never sung. This is the very end of the line which has been slightly extended as well as the area around being opened out to allow for the easy turning of trolleys etc.

Looking down towards the end of the line from the actual stop including a crossing to allow those using the public footpath to easily get across the tracks.

In this view we look back from the end of the line towards the stop and picnic area.

Moving further towards the stop again and here we see the passing loop at Glory Mine.

Before the relay there was a little used siding at Glory Mine which is still in place but currently covered with ballast.

A sign informing all Bow Cars to stop is also in place.

And Chesterfield 7 demonstrates the new layout for us with the trolley being turned at the very end of the line.

7 pulls forward to the tramstop at Glory Mine. (All Photographs by Peter Narramore, 13th July 2019)

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