In Pictures: Let summer begin at Beamish!

The so-called Moroccan plume heading across the UK at the moment has reached the northeast at Beamish which not only means its time for the open trams but is also time, especially at the start of long school summer holidays, for a major increase in visitors – it is after all educational and fun! Tuesday 23rd July saw open toppers Blackpool 31 and Newcastle 114 in service along with Sheffield 264 (with only two fully open cars the open balcony of 264 makes it popular on decent weather days as well).

Newcastle 114 approaches Pockerley on a clockwise circuit. Blue skies, warm conditions and an open top tram ride – what more can you ask for?

Also running clockwise was Sheffield 264, seen again at Pockerley.

Meanwhile, Blackpool 31 was on the anti-clockwise ciruit. Once again we see the tram at Pockerley with more passengers soaking up the sun on the top deck. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall, 23rd July 2019)

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