The end of Liverpool’s overhead poles

You may remember at the start of this year we reported on the start of work to remove some of the last remaining poles which used to be used for the overhead wire of Liverpool Corporation Tramways. Now after several months of work it is sad to report that the very last of these on Utting Road in the city have been removed.

As far as is known these were the very last masts which could still be found from the Liverpool Corporation Tramways system and had managed to remain in place for 62 years since the last tram had run! They had been a remarkable survivor but as with everything things come to an end and the upgrading of lighting on this road has meant that they have now been taken away once and for all.

Although there are still some surviving aspects of the tramway still in existence (tram shed at Mosseley Hill and the Smithdown Road Horse Tram Shed and Horse Stables to name but two) this is a major part of the history of trams in Liverpool which has now gone forever.

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