More battery trams on the way on West Midlands Metro

It’s been nearly a month since we saw the last battery fitted tram enter service on West Midlands Metro but in the meantime they have been busy in the workshops at Wednesbury as not one but two more trams are currently been worked on. As we’ve mentioned many a time on these pages when the first stage of the Birmingham Westside extension opens (due end of 2019) any tram which runs will have to have batteries as this section is being constructed without wires so the next few months do look like being busy for battery fitment.

The latest two trams which have been going through the workshops have been 20 and 30 with the former move advanced and presumably closer to a return to service. No dates for when either might return but it does seem to be roughly one a month at the moment (the last battery fitted tram to return was 29 on 21st June).

It also appears that its not just battery fitting that is keeping the workshops busy as there could soon be a third tram in full blue vinyls with work understood to have started on an unidentified tram over the past week.

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