Picture in Time: Midland Metro – as it was!

Our archive image from a modern tramway is very different to usual as not only is there not a tram in sight but trams are also a long way away from being considered for the route!

This photo was taken on 8th June 1964, some 35 years before trams would run in this location. It shows ex-LMS class 8F steam locomotive 48475 running towards Birmingham on the ex-GWR line from Wolverhampton. Of course the railway here is now abandoned and replaced by the West Midlands Metro which runs all the way to Wolverhampton St George’s including some street running. The railway line heading off on the left is the line to Stourbridge which remains an active railway today. The location of this image is The Hawthorns with the tram platforms behind the photographer.

Photograph by Tony Sullivan

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2 Responses to Picture in Time: Midland Metro – as it was!

  1. Pablo76 says:

    The original train stop was the hawthorns halt.

    Handsworth Booth Street has a hidden gem from its former days aso a railway station. But this is one the road outside the station.

  2. railtony says:

    The Hawthorns Halt as this station was known was built to serve West Bromwich Albion’s football grounds – The Hawthorns – which about a quarter of a mile away along Halfords Lane. As far as I know trains only stopped when there was a match on. I believe the Halt closed on 27th April 1968. The football ground fronted onto Birmingham Road (now the A41) which was served by several tram routes running from the centre of Birmingham into the Black Country and I believe there were lay over facilities for trams to cater for the crowds on match days.

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