In Pictures: A busy day at Seaton

Wednesday 3rd July proved to be a busy day on the Seaton Tramway with no fewer than seven trams out on the tramway for various reasons. As we are now in the main season for the tramway the 20 minute frequency service uses four trams (to ensure there is always a tram at Seaton ready to depart) and on this day 2, 9, 11 and 12 were allocated to this. This quartet were joined by 10 on a private hire, 15 on a tram driving lesson and 6 on a test run following recent workshop attention. And all this on a normal midweek day in early July! Paul Hudd was on duty as a driver during the day and has shared the following images with us.

In other news at Seaton, ex-Exeter Corporation Tramways 19 is currently out of service undergoing overhaul work in the depot. The tram has been sidelined for this work throughout 2019 so far but it is hoped that the work will be completed before the end of the year to allow it to be used during the Polar Express specials in the lead up to Christmas. All other trams in the operating fleet – save for long-term absentee 7 – have been used during the year so far with some more than others!

An unusual view of 2 showing its controls as it awaits departure from Seaton.

11 and 2 wait at Seaton for their next duties.

Taken through the driver’s windscreen of 11 we see 9 approaching Axmouth Loop.

11 heads past Riverside Depot on its way down to Seaton on its last service run. In the background both 12 and 10 wait to be put back into depot with their day’s work already over.

Inside the depot and we see 6 at the front having completed its test run earlier in the day. Also in situ and visible here are 8 (behind 6), 14 and Works Car 02. (All Photographs by Paul Hudd, 3rd July 2019)

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