In Pictures: Edinburgh Trams from above

It’s not often that we take a look a tram in Edinburgh from above with the opportunities to do so fairly limited but in this short article that is exactly what we do as we see all the various equipment located on the roof of one of the CAF trams operating in the Scottish capital. Roy Calderwood captured the following images.

Taken as it leaves Gogar Depot this view shows 265 on a driver training run. The tram is leaving the depot by the eastern exit and was taken through the glass of the link bridge between the tram stop and railway station at Edinburgh Gateway – currently the newest tram stop on the line. The various different pieces of equipment located on the roof are seen to good effect here.

265 joins the main line of the tramway from the depot and entering the underpass under the A8. The next stop it will pass will be Gyle Centre. This view also shows the track layout at this location with the two tracks on the right curving away lead to the stop at Edinburgh Gateway whilst the straight tracks head to the depot at Gogar. (Both Photographs by Roy Calderwood, 1st May 2019)

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2 Responses to In Pictures: Edinburgh Trams from above

  1. Bigalasdair says:

    We mustn’t forget that a similar opportunity was provided 28 September 2018 when Gogar depot was open during the “Doors Open Day” event when overhead pix of an Edinburgh tram could be taken from the depot inspection gantry !

    Big Alasdair

  2. AndrewK says:

    First floor Debenhams ,Princes St , the Gladstone library good too!

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