Manx Electric Railway 125th Anniversary: Day 5 – Wednesday 5th September

The week-long celebration of the Manx Electric Railway continues tomorrow as it moves into the second half of the events. Groudle will be centre-stage tomorrow with the Tunnel Cars and Crossbench’s also playing major roles as the excitement just keeps on coming! Read on for more…

Pick of the Day

Crossbench Evening Special

Crossbench Cars 14 and 16 will operate an evening special to Ramsey and return. They will run in parallel from Ramsey to Laxey including photo stops en route.

14 departs Derby Castle at 1710, 16 departs Derby Castle at 1725. Parallel run departs Ramsey at 1900.

Best of the Rest

Groudle Day

Re-enactment of the 1893 tram service between Derby Castle and Groudle using cars 1 and 2 with a special appearance by long lost 3! The Station Master will be in Victorian costume and the original Groudle ticket office reopened for the day.

Groudle shuttle service departs Derby Castle between 0925 and 1625.

Normal fares apply.

Tunnel Vision

The 1894 Tunnel Cars – 5, 6, 7 and 9 – will be operating on the timetabled service throughout the day.

5 departs Derby Castle at 0910, 1040, 1410 and 1540

6 departs Derby Castle at 0940, 1240 and 1610

7 departs Derby Castle at 1010, 1310, 1440 and 1740

9 departs Derby Castle at 1110, 1340, 1640, 1840, 2045 and 2155

Normal fares apply.

Tram and Three Wagons

Crossbench 32 will haul the two recently restored open wagons 8 and 10 and mail van 16 to Ramsey and return.

Departs Derby Castle at 1255 returning no later than 1615.

Timetable DE (including evening journeys) is scheduled to be in operation throughout this day.

All the above events may be subject to change in cases of tram availability and weather. Pre-booking was required for several of the above events and availability on the day may not be possible, please check on the day to avoid disappointment. Please keep an eye on the Isle of Man Transport Facebook page or the Manx Electric Online Facebook page for any late changes to events.

There will be full British Trams Online coverage on Facebook briefly reviewing events. As with all updates during these events this will not be “as it happens” but will be added during the evening.

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