Picture in Time: Manx Electric Railway Derby Castle Sheds

Today we have a Picture in Time with a slight difference as we have a then and now look at Derby Castle Sheds.

These two photos are taken 50 years apart in 1963 and 2013 and are general view of the Derby Castle sheds showing the changes in buildings in the intervening years. In the first black and white image taken in August 1963 we can see a few trams deep within the sheds awaiting their next duties whilst above the sheds is the familiar Electric Railway legend along with additional Stadium lettering.

The second photo shows the same scene on 29th July 2013 and although you can clearly see it is the same location there are some noticeable differences. The main shed has been replaced with a modern structure whilst the Electric Railway legend has been replaced with bolder lettering. Several trams are once again viewable in the image including Works Car 34.

Both Photographs by Bob Hodges

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