Safety Digest on the way after overspeeding incident on Supertram

The RAIB have announced that they will be releasing a safety briefing (i.e. they don’t believe there is a need for a full investigation) into an incident on Stagecoach Supertram last month. In this incident a passenger was injured after a tram was travelling over the speed limit and braked.

The incident happened on Thursday 19th July as a tram passed through a curve approaching Middlewood terminus at around 1558. The tram was travelling at 23mph (37kmh) which was 13mph (21kmh) over the speed limit. The motion of the tram through the curve and the subsequent braking caused a passenger to be thrown across the tram and hit a door. They suffered an injury and part of the door mechanism was broken causing the door to come open.

The RAIB undertook a preliminary investigation and concluded that it wasn’t necessary for a full investigation. As such a safety digest will be released in the coming weeks.

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