In Pictures: Latest Supertram track renewal pictures

The track renewal work along Middlewood Road disrupting Yellow route services on Stagecoach Supertram is continuing although there have been delays to the project following heavy rain on Wednesday 30th May. This flooded the trackwork at Middlewood with the project as a whole currently running half a day behind schedule which led to the Park and Ride site at Middlewood opening slightly later than planned.

The work has also caused major congestion around Hillsborough where, although the road closures don’t directly affect any bus routes, 6 bus routes have been diverted away from Middlewood Road in one direction to and ease this congestion. The current work underway is due to be completed by 0500 on Monday 4th June, it remains to be seen whether this is achievable.

With the work taking place along Middlewood Road beyond Hillsborough Interchange the overhead has been isolated as seen here. This is the wire which is connected to Hillsborough Shopping Centre.

Looking through the fence and track waits to be installed.

Another view of the worksite.

Workmen in the distance prepare the new track for fitting.

A close-up view as the two sections of track are joined together.

Track is manoeuvred into position. (All Photographs by Stuart Cooke, 2nd June 2018)

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