Picture in Time: South Yorkshire Supertram 12

The early days of the South Yorkshire Supertram are featured in today’s Picture in Time.

This photo shows 12 at Hillsborough on 25th October 1995, just two days after the final section of the original Supertram network had opened between Shalesmoor and Malin Bridge/Middlewood. On this day 12 was being used on the Yellow route and is seen here just heading away from the Hillsborough stop bound for Middlewood with a service from Meadowhall. The tram is one of 25 vehicles constructed by Siemens-Duewag for the system, all of which remain in service today 23 years later and surely approaching the time when consideration will be given to their wholesale replacement. 12 features the original plain grey based livery with the idea of Stagecoach and their bright fleet liveries still several years away.

Photograph by Bob Hodges

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