Where are they now? Bournemouth, Taunton & Nottingham trams

Last week we saw some video footage from Lune Tube of a lost Bradford tram stored on a farm at Sunderland Farm, but as we all know that is not the only tram that is still out there in the UK countryside. British Trams Online reader Royston Morris has recently contacted us seeking information about three more trams and we are throwing out this where are they now request to the wider readership to see if anyone can help him locate the bodies…

Bournemouth 53

Considering that Bournemouth Corporation Tramways ceased operation in 1936 there are a remarkable number of trams from that system which are still in existence in some form. One of these is no. 53 which was last reported to be in use as an office in Wareham, Dorset. It was believed to be last in the back garden of a property in East Street but despite finding an area which looked as if it might have previously had a tram sized item on it there was no sign of the tram. Does anyone know where no. 53 is now located?


Does anyone know where – or even if it still exists – the last Taunton Tramcar body is located? Royston has been trying to find out if it still exists, or if it has been scrapped, for the past dozen or so years and would be very grateful for an answer on this one so he can stop looking!


Royston was recently informed that there was a Nottingham Tramcar body in Ollerton but has been unable to find any further information. Again can anyone assist to let him know if this is true or not?

If you have any information on the above please let us know either by leaving a comment below or emailing gareth@britishtramsonline.co.uk, and we will then pass it on to Royston. It may be that some of these trams are on private property and are the owners don’t wish to publicise their location but if any confirmation can be made that they are still about we are sure Royston would be very grateful!

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  1. Andy B says:

    Regards the Nottingham tram body at Ollerton, The remains are at the side of the A614. Heading North on A614 you pass under a railway bridge and on the right there is a road off to the old village. At that junction stood about 10 yards away is the remains of the body. I haven’t been that way for over a year now so don’t know if it is still there. Also near by [sort off] was /is 2 Nottingham bodies. One at Eakring was a body on a farm burried under a load of farm rubbish and the other was in someones back garden in Ravenshead.
    Many years ago on this site was an article on a Dearne District tram near Strines Res. This body has now gone, I believe in about 2006

  2. Ken Jones says:

    The background on the Taunton tram is even mentioned in Wikipedia. There were six tramcars in Taunton at any time, however a total of twelve different cars operated in the town as the entire fleet was changed from double-deck to single-deck cars in 1905. Livery was dark crimson lake with gold lining. Double-deck cars had green curtains.

    The open-top double-deck cars were built by Brush Electrical Engineering and had seats for 22 people downstairs and 29 upstairs. In 1905 they were sold to the Leamington and Warwick Electrical Company. One was later sold on to the Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Electric Railway where it was used as a works car until 1935.

    The replacement single-deck cars were also built by Brush. In 1921 when the system closed, five were sold for further use: three went to the Torquay Tramways and two were converted to standard gauge (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm)) for the Gravesend and Northfleet Electric Tramways. Despite many rumours over the years confirmation that the body of the last tram becoming a garden shed have still to be substantiated.

    I can remember the rumour circulating in Taunton in the Sixties whilst growing up, but although at the time there may have been some truth in the rumour I was never able to get any information about it’s possible location.

    • TauntonTram says:

      The myth that the body of single deck car No. 1 survives as a garden shed can be put to rest.

      Despite investigating for over thirty years nothing has come to light.

      Whilst working and living in Taunton I did manage to disprove several other myths about both electric street lighting in the town and the tramway.

  3. Mark Andrew Pardoe says:

    I saw the Nottingham body at Ollerton in the late 1960s and I am surprised but glad it’s still. Does anyone know its number?

    I am trying to discover the whereabouts of Nottingham 101. A paper was lodged at the British Library in 1980 from the Brush Transport Enthusiast Club about its preservation. I cannot trace that club so I wonder whether 101 is still with us.

    If anyone can please help I will grateful.

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