In Pictures: Seaton Terminus in its last week

For 22 years the Seaton Tramway has been running into a Victorian style terminus on the edges of Seaton Town Centre but over the last few years the whole area has undergone regeneration with a new Tesco superstore and Seaton Jurassic opening with a far more modern feel. As a result plans have been formulated to construct a new state of the art terminus facility for the tramway which has meant the Victorian terminus was closed after the last tram departed on Sunday 17th September. In this pictorial we take a look at a few trams at the terminus during that last week, taken by Tony Sullivan.

It didn’t take long after that last tram for work to start on the redevelopment with the engineering team from the tramway removing the track and overhead. Just a week after the last tram departed the terminus building was gone with the demolition crews wasting no time to clear the site with the construction phase due to start very soon. It is planned that the new terminus will open at the end of March 2018 and until then services will run between Riverside Depot and Colyton only.

15 waits to leave the terminus.

11 arrives at Seaton.

Another view of 11 as it prepares to unload its passengers at Seaton.

11 waits at the loading stop as 10 arrives. (All Photographs by Tony Sullivan, 13th September 2017)

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