Twin Set 672+682 launch confirmed

The return to passenger service of Blackpool Twin Set 672+682 has been a highly anticipated event amongst tram enthusiasts ever since news broke that this set would be reactivated as part of Blackpool Transport’s heritage tram fleet earlier in the year. Now, the date for the rejuvinated Twin car’s reappearance has been set, for Friday 14th September.

At the moment historic trams are only operating on illumination tours, but an exception will be made for Set 2’s debut on the heritage service. The freshly repainted Twin set, now resplendent in its original cream livery with green lining, will be revealed to its adoring public at Pleasure Beach at 6:00pm on September 14th, and will then set off for a round trip to Little Bispham and back. It will then remain out on illumination tour duty which will potentially allow passengers to enjoy at least two round trips on 672+682. The normal heritage tour fares will apply, with one return trip priced at £5 for adults, or a multi-ride ticket available for just £10.

Although it’s a shame that more notice was not given of the Twin car relaunch, hopefully a reasonable number of enthusiasts will be able to be present to welcome 672+682 back into Blackpool’s own running fleet. No Twin sets have run anywhere since this set returned to depot late on Sunday 6th November 2011 following a memorable stint on timetabled service for the final time, and so this will doubtless be a historic occasion, and one that many people never thought would happen. Once again this proves Blackpool Transport’s commitment to its remaining historic trams and hopefully the Twin car will be a useful asset to the company during the final part of the 2012 season.

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  1. John Woodman says:

    The Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust is conserving a further example of this classic Blackpool tramway ‘Twin-Car’ set. Purchased privately by Fleetwood resident, David Hunt, and now part of the Trust’s planned exhibition at the Copse Road Tram Depot – set 673 and 683 are destined to remain in ‘Metro Coastline’ livery. We applaud the initiative of Blackpool Transport Services in returning one of their ‘heritage’ cars to an earlier era nearly fifty years ago and bringing it back to operating status however briefly in 2012. The sight of the Twin Set loading passengers just a few yards away from Brush Car 290 resplendent by day and night in its 2012 Diamond Jubilee role should provide some remarkable images over the next six weeks.

    Blackpool’s tramway scene is still able to deliver worthwhile surprises thanks to Rigby Road Works and the dedicated team maintaining the heritage fleet there. Whilst the foreshortened run to Little Bispham is far less than the full eleven mile route – it still provides a rare experience well worth the fare. Who knows? More ambitious plans for this set may be in the offing in future years. Watch this space….

  2. Bob Milner says:

    Saw the trailer set out today on test I guess – looked magnificent

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