Metrolink celebrate “The Spirit of Manchester” with special tram

Manchester Metrolink have unveiled a special tram paying tribute to the unique spirit of Manchester following the Manchester Arena attack. M5000 3022 has been named “Spirit of Manchester” and has a new livery design inspired by the worker bee, which has become an iconic Manchester symbol.

3022 was first used in its new livery on Sunday 4th June – the day of the One Love Manchester charity concert at Old Trafford Cricket Ground. The livery has again made clever use of the spots at the ends with black spots added whilst there are also small bee vinyls on the tram body.

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, said: “The incredible spirit of the people of Manchester has been what has sustained us all since last week. Our city has come together and the unity we have shown has made Manchester a beacon of hope around the world. The Manchester Bee has taken on a new significance over recent days and it is fitting that we display it proudly on the Metrolink as many of us head to what will be a memorable and moving event.”

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3 Responses to Metrolink celebrate “The Spirit of Manchester” with special tram

  1. Andrew Waddington says:

    A nice idea. How about naming another tram ‘Ariana Grande’ to recognise the amazing concert she put on in Manchester on Sunday to help lift our spirits after the appalling act of terrorism?

  2. Andy Coward says:

    For those who do not realise, the number of the tram was chosen to represent the 22 victims of the Manchester Arena explosion. I think it looks good and is a tasteful tribute to the tragic event which happened in Manchester on 22 May. I hope that the livery and the name remains on 3022, rather than being removed again after a suitable length of time.

    Whilst I think she (and her team) did well organising the tribute concert on Sunday, I am less keen on the idea of naming a tram after Ariana Grande, as suggested by Andrew.


  3. Christopher Callan says:

    Fitting Tribute. The resilience and character shown really beyond words. Was walking through one of Manchester’s Trains Stations returning from Bank Holiday Event at Blackpool and it really hit home. So pleasing to see the majority pulling together in defiance and in support of one another.

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