Picture in Time: Glasgow 1115

Today Picture in Time is showing us an image from Crich with a look at one of the trams which has now been withdrawn from service for many years – Glasgow 1115.

Built by Hurst Nelson in 1929 1115 was one of the Kilmarnock Bogie Cars and remained in service in Glasgow until secured for preservation at Crich in the early 1960s making the journey south in 1962 where it joined the ever increasing collection in the Derbyshire countryside. Not immediately prepared for service 1115 did enjoy a sort period of operation between 1971 and 1976 but it was withdrawn at the end of that season and has remained a static exhibit ever since including a period in the at night exhibition. Today it represents the 1920s in the Great Exhibition Hall and is unlikely to be restored to operational condition in the foreseeable future.

This photo shows 1115 whilst it was used in service during the 1970s.

Photograph by Nigel Pennick

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1 Response to Picture in Time: Glasgow 1115

  1. John Henderson says:

    1115 was a superb tram whilst it operated at Crich, and many days operated alongside either 22 or 812. By comparison, 1115 was smooth, fairly quiet but rapid in acceleration. It “shuggled” like 102 does when travelling in parallel, but suffered easily from wheel spin, and awkward notching on both controllers, yet had excellent braking. the bodywork hardly moved or showed no real signs of flexing. It was an easy tram to conduct and fairly unique yet positive to drive. It can only be bettered to drive by 1100; a tram that showed what really could be done to improve a tram type. 1115 is a truly superb tram however and should be on the list for restoration to service.

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