In Pictures: Crich prepare for Glasgow 50 event

As we reported earlier this week preparations for the eagerly anticipated Glasgow 50/Enthusiasts Tram Event at the Crich Tramway Village stepped up a gear last weekend with a significant amount of shunting to enable Glasgow 1115 to escape its usual home in the Exhibition Hall so it can play a role in the event which will take place at Crich on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September. We can now bring you a selection of images from the shunting courtesy of Jack Gordon.

You wait years for Douglas 1 to make an apperance outside and then... Following on from its starring role in the Blackpool Brush 630 launch event earlier this year 1 makes another appearance outside the Exhibition Hall. (Photo: Jack Gordon/Tramways Monthly)


Blackpool Conduit 4 on the Traverser during its shunt. (Photo: Jack Gordon/Tramways Monthly)


A very rare move into daylight for Derby 1. It is seen here alongside the Exhibiton Hall, a position for a tram that is a rarity in itself. (Photo: Jack Gordon/Tramways Monthly)


Another view of Derby 1, this time on the Traverser. (Photo: Jack Gordon/Tramways Monthly)


With trams out of the way a nice clear shot of Leicester 76 was able to be got as shown here. As your Editor spent 3 years at University in Leicester what better excuse do we need to show it here! (Photo: Jack Gordon/Tramways Monthly)


The reason for all the shunting - to get Glasgow 1115 out of the Exhibition Hall so it can play a role in the Glasgow 50 event. This view shows it on the Traverser. (Photo: Jack Gordon/Tramways Monthly)


And this view shows the Blackpool Electric Locomotive attached to 1115 just outside the Depot Gates. (Photo: Jack Gordon/Tramways Monthly)


With Glasgow 1115 out of the Exhibition Hall its place has been taken by Blackpool 49 as seen here being maneouvred into space. (Photo: Jack Gordon/Tramways Monthly)


Another of the stars of the event will be Glasgow 1068 which is nearing the completion of a repaint into Glasgow livery from its normal identity of Paisley 68. (Photo: Jack Gordon/Tramways Monthly)

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