In Pictures: Track machine at Shaw & Crompton

Recently spotted stabled in the bay platform at Shaw & Crompton has been a VolkerRail Tamper Machine. The machine is currently on Metrolink metals for use during regular maintenance work with Manchester Metrolink not actually possessing their own equipment to undertake this work. Paul Gilbert provides us with the following image.

The tamper sits at Shaw & Crompton. (Photograph by Paul Gilbert)

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2 Responses to In Pictures: Track machine at Shaw & Crompton

  1. mike stone says:

    Does anyone know how it accessed Metrolink metals please – or indeed if the link at Newton Heath has ever been used?

    • Steve Hyde says:

      Most tampers have accessed the system having been delivered by road. The circular steel plate on the front is part of a turntable assembly which allows the machine to be rotated to align with the the track after unloading from the lorry. Perhaps it was delivered to Shaw and unloaded on the level crossing or alternatively arrived at Mumps where it could be unloaded without blocking the highway. I have no definite knowledge but offer these possibilities.

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