Signal problems cause delays for Bury line

There was more woe for anyone wanting to travel on Manchester Metrolink around  lunchtime on Wednesday 29th August as a signal failure at Queens Road caused disruption to the Bury and Oldham lines for around three hours. Initially no trams were able to run between Bury and the City Centre or from Oldham to Manchester Victoria although after a couple of hours some sort of service was able to be offered between Bury and Crumpsall and on the Oldham line. Eventually, some three hours after the first disruption was reported, a full tram service was reintroduced although delays were still experienced as the service was reformed. During the disruption passengers were advised to use their Metrolink tickets on local bus routes.

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2 Responses to Signal problems cause delays for Bury line

  1. Ken Walker says:

    Yet another failure on this poor substitute for a transport system. The number of failures on Metrolink is out of all proportion to the size of the network. It makes me, and I’m sure many others, realise how good the Oldham loop train service used to be in comparison, despite all its shortcomings. And to think that the Bury Metrolink line replaced what was at the time one of, if not the most reliable train service in the country (until the final few weeks before closure).

  2. Adrian Roberts says:

    Ken, I’m afraid you may have failed to understand the euphemism “signal failure” on the modern railway/tramway. What it really means is that some robbing oik has been stealing signal cabling. This has reached epidemic proportions on the modern railway as the scrap value of copper gets ever higher. The only solution it would seem is replacement of copper cables with fibreoptics, and I fear that may be some way off yet.

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