Green is the colour!

In 1957 the Manx Electric Railway was nationalised and with this nationalisation came a new livery with green replacing the traditional colours previously seen on the line. To mark the 60th anniversary of this 2017 will see several vehicles on the MER receiving a coat of green paint with Winter Saloon 21 and trailer 62 now confirmed to be joining Crossbench 32 in the nationalised colour scheme. The Heritage Transport Festival in July will also be commemorating the anniversary with a number of special events taking place on the MER.

As we previously reported the workshops at Derby Castle are already a hive of activity in preparation for 2017 with both 32 and 21 receiving their new old liveries. Crossbench 16 will also be repainted during the winter losing its green for a more traditional colour scheme initially in the unlined post-war event (just for the Easter Rush Hour event) before receiving the full Manx Electric Railway Company Ltd livery in time for the Transport Festival. And Isle of Man Railways are also promising more historic liveries by July, so plenty to keep everyone on their toes.

The Manx Heritage Transport Festival will take place between Wednesday 26th and Sunday 30th July and will once again feature special events from across the island’s tramways and railways. Amongst the events already confirmed to take place are an Edwardian Evening at Groudle, a guided tour of Bulgham 50 years after the “Bulgham Gap”, an all day tour on Crossbench 32, motorman taster lessons, evening lectures and workshop tours.

And then there will be the small matter of the 125th anniversary celebrations in 2018!

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  1. David T says:

    What is the traditional colour? I believe they started out Blue which is nice then they went different styles of red and wooden liveries before being nationalised and painted green.

    Perhaps someone with more knowledge can let us know.

    What ever the livery I will still ride them.

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