Drivers vote for strike action on London Tramlink

It is disappointing to have to report that more drivers on a tram network have voted for strike action in a dispute over their pay with ASLEF members on London Tramlink in favour following a recent vote. Tram drivers are reported to earn approximately £36,000 which ASLEF claim is less than those doing “similar jobs in other parts of the industry”.

ASLEF’s press release compares the wage taken home by Tramlink drivers against that earned by train operators on London Underground and train staff on Docklands Light Railway.

100% of those who voted were in favour of strike action and although only 82% of those eligible voted this is still an incredible mandate for strike action. The claim is that the pay offer on the table – the exact figure of which isn’t mentioned in the ASLEF press release – is actually a real terms pay decrease as there was a recent change in pension benefits which has involved workers having to pay extra into the pot from their monthly salary.

ASLEF claim that they are still available to talk to First Group about a better pay offer but if that is not forthcoming they will go on strike in the future until they get a better deal. It’s just unfortunate that as in all disputes like this the people who end up losing out are those who use the network to get to and from work etc.

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