Track replacement work at Lace Market in February

Track replacement works are set to disrupt Nottingham Express Transit services between Friday 12th and Sunday 14th February with the track at Lace Market scheduled for replacement after 12 years of extensive use. This section of track boasts one of the tightest curves on a tramway in Europe and the replacement is necessary to ensure smooth and effective running of the system.

On all three days of this closure trams will run:

Hucknall/Phoenix Park to Old Market Square

Clifton South/Toton Lane to Nottingham Station

A replacement bus service will run between Royal Centre and Nottingham Station to bridge the gap.

A revised tram service will run on Friday 12th February and Saturday 13th February with a 10 minute service running until 2100 and then every 15 minutes until the end of service whilst Sunday 14th February will see a normal Sunday service in operation (every 10 minutes until 1900 and thence every 15 minutes).

As well as the replacement of the track the chance will be taken to tidy up the paved area around the nearby tramstop.

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4 Responses to Track replacement work at Lace Market in February

  1. John Gilbert says:

    Track replacement so soon! Dare I suggest that the replacement track be made of a harder steel? Or is that not possible?

  2. Kev says:

    Erm no its about right, 30 years straight, 10 – 20 curves depending on severity. Certainly needs doing as its well worn.

  3. John Gilbert says:

    Thanks Kev. Now, Nottingham, how about removing those awful adverts which cover the tram windows but which the buses have escaped!!

  4. John Stewart says:

    The problem is that tram manufacturers claim that their vehicles will run round 25m curves so the tramway designers adopt that as a standard. The Toton line has many tortuous locations; some seem unavoidable but others could have been eased by acquiring land that isn’t actually doing a great deal.

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