Balloon cars on standby for snow

Not previously reported on British Trams Online is the temporary addition of snowploughs to two members of the Blackpool heritage tram fleet – Balloon cars 701 and 723. With a lack of other suitable candidates for the role this duo have been the plough cars since the tramway upgrade and this is now the fourth consecutive winter as snowplough cars.

Of course, this marks the first time that 723 has been selected for this role since the removal of its advertising vinyls revealing the 1980s style livery beneath. This tram has never actually been used to clear snow in its current condition, whilst 701 was used in winter 2012/13 when it was still painted yellow, prior to the application of its more stylish red and white livery. It remains to be seen whether either car will be needed this winter, or indeed if either will be considered for use on the forthcoming winter gold event days involving the use of heritage trams on public tours.

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