Black Country Living Museum tramway back up and running fully

Having not run in its entirety since December 2013 the Black Country Living Museum tramway is now once running a full service between the Museum Entrance and Tram Depot following the completion of the infrastructure repairs. Trams had been running on part of the route since mid-July but now a full journey can be made on the route on one of the museum’s two full restored trams – Wolverhampton & District 34 and Wolverhampton 49.

The only 3’6” gauge tramway in a museum in the British Isles the Black Country Living Museum line was originally closed in December 2013 because of concerns over the safety of the infrastructure and at times during the intervening period there had been worries that the funds to conduct the repairs may not be forthcoming. However earlier this year repairs started on the track and overhead and then from the middle of July trams resumed running between the Mine and Tram Depot. At this time the target was for trams to be running the full length by the end of the year but excellent progress in the repairs meant that on Saturday 29th August 2015 it was possible to, once again, enjoy a ride all the way from the Entrance to the Tram Depot.

The service continues to be mainly operated by Wolverhampton & District 34 – a Tividale car – but on some occasions open top double decker Wolverhampton 49 is used. Both of these trams underwent attention before the service had resumed. It is hoped that fellow Tividale car Dudley, Stourbridge & District 5 will return to the museum in the near future with the final stretch of its overhaul and restoration now being reached at the Llangollen Railway.

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10 Responses to Black Country Living Museum tramway back up and running fully

  1. Colin Smith says:

    Two words only for this. Great news!

  2. David Edwards says:

    Yes, if you happen to be there at the right time of day. A friend of mine visited recently and was told that the tram would not be operating until 1400. I got the same sort of reply regarding the trolleybus when the tramway was out of order.

  3. Peter Lea says:

    When I visited last week the tram crew told me that number 49 was not allowed to be used due to limited clearance between the overhead wire and any passengers seated on the top deck and just to prove the point number 34 was in use that day despite it being very warm and sunny with plenty of potential passengers present.

    • Andrew Waddington says:

      I had heard a while back that they insisted on having a guard on the top deck of 49 when it runs (which would tie in with what you say), and due to limited staff availability this rarely happens.

      • Anonymous says:

        Very interesting BTOL seems to know more than the museum staff. The web site still insists that the trams are not running. However the trolley buses and motor buses are well represented.

        • Ken Walker says:

          Not uncommon for websites to not be kept up to date which to my mind defeats the object of having them (not this one of course!)

          • Gareth Prior says:

            It now seems that the tramway is out of action again due to an electrical fault. It won’t be running tomorrow (5th September) but I don’t know at the moment whether it will be a short-term fix or not.

      • Chris Mitchell says:

        When 49 was restored I thought that the Science Museum had funded it and restricted its usage to a few days a year.

  4. David T says:

    Oops sorry I am using another machine and did not notice my name was missing from the comment above.

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