Uniform look for heritage tram crews

As Blackpool Transport’s heritage tram coastal tours go from strength to strength, another pleasing development has been the introduction of a new uniform for all platform staff to wear whilst working on the historic trams, with effect from June 9th. The most noticeable feature of this is a black jacket enhanced by an embroidered heritage tour logo, as used on the ‘polo’ tram stop signs at Pleasure Beach, North Pier, Cabin and Bispham. The smart appearance of crews is further improved by a shirt and tie.

Hopefully introducing a seperate uniform for heritage tram crews will help to differentiate them from the normal service trams, and it also shows BTS’ commitment to making a ride on a traditional tram in Blackpool a special experience for tourists and enthusiasts alike. The use of a special logo should also go a long way towards creating a distinctive brand identity for the tours which will hopefully become more familiar with tram passengers over the course of the season. Gone are the days when photos of vintage trams were spoilt by staff dressed in modern hi-visibility jackets, and this sight will surely not be missed!

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  1. David Taylor says:

    I agree the HVV will not be missed. It spoils may a good photo on the raiways as well as the tramways. Why do ticket collectors ect have to wear them are the poser’s?

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