Edinburgh Trams fares to rise

Less than a year after opening it has been announced that some fares on Edinburgh Trams are to increase from 19th April. Although the majority of fares will be increasing from this date it has been confirmed that the £1.50 city zone fare, all child fares, the Airport zone fares and the Day & Night ticket will remain at their present levels.

The new fares are as follows:

Adult Day Ticket – £4.00 (currently £3.50)

Family Day Ticket – £8.50 (currently £7.50)

Student Ridacard 1 week – £15.00 (currently £13.00)

Student Ridacard 4 weeks – £45.00 (currently £40.00)

Student Ridacard (Direct Debit) – £40.00 (currently £36.00)

Student Ridacard Annual – £525.00 (currently £468.00)

Adult Ridacard 1 week – £18.00 (currently £17.00)

Adult Ridacard 4 weeks – £54.00 (currently £51.00)

Adult Ridacard (Direct Debit) – £50.00 (currently £48.00)

Adult Ridacard Annual – £630.00 (currently £612.00)

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3 Responses to Edinburgh Trams fares to rise

  1. Bill Barlow says:

    It should be noted that the fare increase applies to
    Lothian Buses olso.

  2. Malcolm Acton says:

    This is not so bad, as it is the first fare increase for about 3 years. The (unchanged) £1. 50 flat fare is for any distance (either 1 stop or a whole route of up to 18miles on route 26 (Clerwood – Seton Sands) in the city zone. Even with the Day ticket going up to £4.00 it is still the best value around. Note though, that a separate fare structure is in force on Lothian Country Bus routes 104 to Haddington and 113 to Pencaitland.

  3. Colin Symes says:

    Even at £4.00 the day ticket still costs less than three single fares, a bargain for anything more than a return journey on bus or tram in the city zone!

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