3013 returns to service with 3087 not far behind

Long term absentee 3013 has finally returned to service – almost two years to the day since it was involved in a collision with a lorry on the Eccles line. 3013 was used on the Bury to Abraham Moss shuttle service on Tuesday 3rd February and also worked on this circuit the following day as it is reintroduced to service.

It was on Wednesday 6th February 2013 that 3013 had last run in service and in the intervening two years it has been used as a source of spare parts before being rebuilt for a return to service. It has regained its ATS/VRS equipment and joins the general user pool which now consists of 30013060. The remaining vehicles can only run on TMS enabled routes and are all based at Trafford Depot.

There is also some good news to report on 3087 which recently suffered accident damage. The damage was not as bad as feared and it has already been repaired and is being tested ahead of a re-entry into service.

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  1. 3087 back in passenger service as of Friday 6th

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