Manchester Metrolink Performance Update

The latest statistics from Manchester Metrolink have been released giving details on the performance of the service, any major incidents, trams out of service and the number of complaints received. The latest document concentrates on periods 13 (Monday 31st March-Saturday 27th April) and 1 (Monday 28th April-Sunday 25th May) and a summary of this is provided below.


Performance as measured by Operated Mileage was back up in period 13 with 99.32% recorded before a slight decline in period 1 at 99.13%. As in the previous report most of the lost mileage was down to driver availability (76% and 90% respectively).

Major Incidents

Two incidents in period 13 and 10 incidents in period 1 caused delays of more than 30 minutes:

6th April: Services suspended between Rochdale end of the single line and Newbold due to signaling fault. Services suspended between 0959 and 1135.

17th April: Bury line. Services suspended due to trespass between 1838 and 1917.

5th May: Car driven onto track between Holt Town and Sports City. Suspension between 0650 and 0902.

5th May: Fatality at Prestwich affected services between Crumpsall and Bury. Services suspended between 1338 and 1733.

8th May: RTC between a tram and taxi at Rochdale saw service suspended between Rochdale Town Centre and Newbold. Services suspended 1220-1304.

10th May: RTC between two road vehicles on South Langworthy Road saw services suspended between MediaCityUK and Eccles. Services suspended 0606-0647.

13th May: Signalling fault at Rochdale meant services were suspended 0600-1139.

15th May: Damaged overhead line between Cornbrook and Firswood saw services suspended East Didsbury-Piccadilly. Service was suspended between 2200 and 1626 the following day.

19th May: Signalling fault at Newton Heath and Moston led to suspension of service between Newton Heath and Rochdale Town Centre. No trams ran between 0650 and 0743.

19th May: Suspicious package led to service suspension between Newbold and Rochdale Town Centre. Service suspended 1224-1309.

21st May: Signalling failure at Rochdale Town Centre which meant another suspension of the service between Newbold and Rochdale Town Centre. No service between 1312 and 1448.

25th May: Another signaling failure meant there were no trams between Newbold and Rochdale Town Centre from 1600 until 1740.


3013 is still out of service with a target date of June 2014 for the repairs to be actioned.

The reliability of the M5000s is now at an all time high reaching 27, 018 MDBSF (mean distance between service affecting failures) in period 1. There were 13 failures in this period.


389 written complaints were received in period 13 and 258 in period 1.

Seven commendations were received in period 13 and eight in period 1.


Patronage increased in March once the single line working through Victoria had settled down but then in April weekend closures affected the number of passenger carried. May saw another increase (despite further closures) partly due to high profile events taking place. Approximately 2.5 million journeys were recorded during May.

* The full report can be downloaded from the TfGM Committees website at

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