IKEA returns with new advert on Metrolink

The latest new advert on a Manchester Metrolink M5000 marks the return of an advertiser with IKEA back after an almost two year gap. The new advert is being carried on 3069, which itself is also returning to a vinyl wrap after three years.

The last Metrolink design was mainly white whereas this one is a grey/blue type background with images of various goods you can purchase from the store. It also includes signwriting including “Catch the tram to IKEA Ashton-under-Lyne”.

IKEA – a rare advertiser on modern tramway systems in that these have had full adverts on trams in Croydon, Sheffield and Manchester – previously advertised on 3081 between May and December 2019. For 3069 this is its second advert having carried an ad for Slaters Menswear between April and December 2018.

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