Manchester Metrolink Engineering Works: Sunday 1st April 2012

Further engineering works will be taking place on Manchester Metrolink on Sunday 1st April which will mean no trams will be running on the Eccles line. A replacement bus will
be provided which will operate between Eccles and Trafford Bar from where onward tram services can be used. Normal Metrolink services will run on all other lines.

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1 Response to Manchester Metrolink Engineering Works: Sunday 1st April 2012

  1. Muskan says:

    TfGM and Metrolink are not even telling the poelpe directly affected (ie those living on the affected routes) what is happening. All that seems to happen is that every 3 months or so TfGM make a statement that the opening is now another 3 months behind, which taken literally means they are making no progress whatsoever! Trying to integrate this new system with the system in use from 1992 is like trying to make Windows 7 software work on a computer fitted with windows 3.1, so I hope that somebody checked before deciding on this system, although events on the ground seem to suggest not. What is absolutely certain is that although the Oldham Rochdale section was supposed to open in Spring 2012 (ie NOW) it is far from complete, there are no overhead structures in place between Newhey and Rochdale and it is at least a week since any were installed so this line would not have been opening on time regardless of the computer problem.

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