Lockdown Walks: Stagecoach Supertram 399 207

Out and about for another edition of “Lockdown Walks” today as we find ourselves at Hillsborough in Sheffield.

The seven Citylink tram-trains built for Supertram in 2015-6 were ordered from Vossloh although after a takeover of that company by Stadler construction was completed under that banner. Mainly ordered for the proposed tram-train pilot an additional order was made to help enhance capacity on the remainder of the network. As of now four of the trams are allocated to tram-train services with the other three used on the conventional network, owing to the different wheel profiles needed for each service the first four are currently dedicated to the tram-train service although it is possible for these to be swapped if the wheelsets are changed.

We see one of the conventional trams, 399 207, at Hillsborough as it turns the corner onto the Blue route bound for Malin Bridge. A points fault had meant the driver of the tram had manually changed the points to access this branch. (Photograph by Stuart Cooke, 18th April 2021)

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