Trams &: Sheffield 510, Blackpool 630 & bus

Today “Trams &” is off to Crich for a London event where the only London vehicle we see is a bus as the trams are from elsewhere!

The below photo was taken on 13th June 2015 which was the first day of a two day Classic London event which would see the relaunch of London County Council 106 into service – which probably explains why it was a very wet day! On the left hand side of this shot at the Town End terminus we see two trams which will form the next service up to Glory Mine. Furthest from the camera is Blackpool Brush Car 630 while in front is Sheffield 510 which is just pulling forward to join it at the stop and allow passengers to start to board.

Then on the right we see a London bus which was visiting specially for this event. With the registration number LYF 104 this is a Leyland Titan 7RT with the familiar rear entrance and exit.

Photograph by Gareth Prior

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