In Pictures: More Supertram rail replacement images

We have now moved into area 4 of the Stagecoach Supertram 2019 rail replacement programme which is seeing the section between Hillsborough Corner and Holme Lane being attended to for the next couple of weeks. In this update we see the track on the outbound side from Hillsborough Corner to the old Holme Lane tram depot being replaced. Stuart Cooke with the images.

The general scene at Hillsborough Corner with new track being prepared for installation.

Looking down the line where the protective tents are in place.

The new track is laid on top of the road surface all ready to be put down.

The background of this shot shows the old entrance to Holme Lane tram depot. Now the entrance is all that remains – plus some points – to show just what used to be located here. Meanwhile new track is piled up reading for laying.

One final view with preparations being made for laying of new track. (All Photographs by Stuart Cooke, 28th July 2019)

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  1. Ian Banks says:

    Is the front of the old tram depot a listed building I hope so as it is quite impressive?

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